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Evansville Police Officer Pays a Visit to a 6-Year-Old Artist Selling Paintings in the Park

A local 6-year-old entrepreneur is gaining some recognition tonight after an Evansville police officer paid him a visit in the park.

Posted: Sep 21, 2021 7:25 PM
Updated: Sep 22, 2021 7:58 AM

A local entrepreneur is gaining some recognition tonight after an Evansville police officer paid him a visit in the park.

6-year-old Aiy’Den Scott-Drain spends his evenings at Vann Park, but he’s not just swinging on the swing set like most kids his age. Aiy’Den sells art.

“I am here Wednesday through Saturday. A lot of people say to just follow my dreams and that’s what I am going to do when I grow up. I’m already doing it now because it makes me happy to see other people happy,” Aiy’Den says.

Aiy’Den is working on his Fall collection. He draws the outline of whatever he wants to paint, and then gets to work.

“I also split my dollar four ways. 25% I give back. 25% I use to buy more equipment, 25% I can use on myself and 25% I invest,” Aiy’Den says.

Aiy’Den’s mother tells 44News that he spends his money in several different ways. But in late October, he hopes to throw an inflatable party for some of the neighborhood kids in Vann Park.

“I just didn't want to spend my money on toys. I just wanted to spend a little bit and then I wanted to also help people, and then I wanted to make more money so that I could keep doing the same thing,” Aiy’Den tells 44News.

On Sunday, an Evansville police officer who had seen Aiy’Den showing off his talent on Vann Avenue before, stopped by to meet him.

Officer Korey Winn learned of Aiy’Den’s plans for the inflatable party and later returned to buy some of his pieces himself. He says the Aiy’Den’s determination to spread positivity reminded him why he became a police officer in the first place.

“I kinda asked him what his inspiration was for making his art and he said, 'I just do things that make me happy.' Anything that would melt your heart, he was saying,” Officer Winn says.

Officer Winn bought 4 of Aiy’Den’s paintings. 3 of them now hang in his home. The other one, he told Aiy’Den to donate to the community.

“They were all beautiful. I wanted to buy all of them. But, it made me really happy and I know that these could make some other people happy. He said it was his fall collection, so I didn't want to take everything for myself,” Officer Winn shares.

Alongside his art business, Aiy’Den creates and sells his own magazine that has subscribers in 7 different states. He also has a YouTube channel for cooking, sells Key Limeade by the gallon at the Nick Nackery, has a t-shirt line, and sells art boxes for others to create masterpieces with him.

More details on Aiy’Den’s several business ventures can be found at

“I think it's an inspiration for any youth that wants to start a business or art, music, anything that you're talented in, don't listen to what other people think. Do what makes you happy. This is a true example of that,” Officer Winn says.

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